[U-Boot-Users] u-boot on the BDAu1500

Ed Okerson eokerson at texasconnect.net
Mon Nov 24 02:23:01 CET 2003

I am having a difficult time getting u-boot to run on the BDAu1500 board
from AMD.  It appears that there is something missing in the board
initialization, but I have not been able to track down what it is.  If I
start the board with yamon in flash, I can successfully load a u-boot
image built to run from ram and run it.  If I load u-boot into the flash,
built with TEXT_BASE set to 0xbfc00000, which is where the board is
supposed to start from in flash, it will not init and run from a power on.
I tried following the directions at:


to debug the problem, but it appears that the function cpu_init_f does not
exist for mips targets.  Are there any C functions before relocation for
mips targets?  Are there any instructions similar to those in the above
web page for mips target debugging?

Ed Okerson

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