[U-Boot-Users] Standalone application problem

Srikanth Sherman sri at technovare.com
Tue Nov 25 19:57:34 CET 2003


I have an Ebony 440GP development board and as a test, I'm trying
to run the hello_world application from the flash.  I can run the
without any problems from the SDRAM (ie, "tftpboot 0x40000 hello_world.bin"
and then run "go 0x40004").

However, I would like to burn the application into the onboard flash and
execute it on powerup. If I copy the .bin to 0xff800000 and then set my
bootcmd to  "go 0xff80000" everything seems to work OK until I leave the
board off for a while in which case the application displays garbage on the
screen after U-Boot starts it.   There appears to be a problem with some
data in 0x40000 load area that isn't there when I power off the board and
power it back on.

I've also tried converting the hello_world ELF to an .img by using
/tools/mkimage and that causes the application to hang right after U-Boot
passes control to it.  Also, running "bootelf 0x40000" after "tftpboot
0x40000 hello_world" causes an exception.

So, in summary:

How do I load a stand-alone application .bin onto flash after loading it
into RAM?  Secondly, how do I load and run "hello_world" (ELF) correctly?
I know I'm missing something really basic here!


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