[U-Boot-Users] SCC3 on MPC852T

Raghu raghu_dk at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 27 04:48:37 CET 2003

Hi All, 
I have a custom board housing MPC852T that has one SMC
and 2 SCC controllers. 

I am able to configure the SMC for UART functionality.
And the SCC4 for serial Ethernet functionality. 
But if I configure the SCC3 for Ethernet functionality
I am losing the Serial prints aswell. Using the BDI I
have been able to locate that the execution gets stuck
in printf routines. 

I have defined the following in "commproc.h"
For SCC3
#define PROFF_ENET      PROFF_SCC3
#define CPM_CR_ENET     CPM_CR_CH_SCC3
#define SCC_ENET        2


#define PA_ENET_RXD  (ushort)0x0010) /* PA 11 - Rx */
#define PA_ENET_TXD  ((ushort)0x0020)/* PA 10 - Tx */
#define PA_ENET_RCLK ((ushort)0x1000 )/* PA 3 - CLK5
#define PA_ENET_TCLK ((ushort)0x2000 )/* PA 2 - CLK6

#define PC_ENET_RENA ((ushort)0x0200 )/* PC 6 - CD3 */
#define PC_ENET_TENA ((ushort)0x0004 )/* PC 13 -

#define PC_ENET_CLSN ((ushort)0x0100 )/* PC 7 - CTS3

#define SICR_ENET_MASK  ((uint)0x00FF0000)
#define SICR_ENET_CLKRT ((uint)0x00250000)

Warm Regards,

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