[U-Boot-Users] reading environment from flash fails

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Nov 28 19:42:02 CET 2003

In message <3FC7802B.7010506 at wkamphuis.student.utwente.nl> you wrote:
> We define:
> #define CFG_MONITOR_BASE 0xFFF00000
> #define CFG_ENV_SECT_SIZE (128*1024)
> #define CFG_ENV_SIZE (2*1024)

The CFG_ENV_ADDR definition makes no sense to me. If  it  results  in
the intended value than by pure chance, not by any deeper logic.

> Memory location fff1f800 contains nothing, but after a 'saveenv' my 
> environment is saved there. Memory location fff08174 contains my default 
> environment and is unchanged after a 'saveenv'.

Sounds good to me...

> Shouldn't gd->env_addr be equal to CFG_ENV_ADDR? Now my saved 
> environment settings aren't read and after a reset all settings are 
> restored to the defaults.
> The original patch, my unfinished patch and some screendumps are 
> available on my website:
> http://wkamphuis.student.utwente.nl/u-boot/

I don't know which board you're talking about, and I don't understand
how your patch and your question are related to each other. From this
message it sounds as if you want to put the environment in flash, but
your code #defines CFG_ENV_IS_IN_NVRAM (at least in some cases).

No big surprise you run into problems?

Just a remark: Please note that many lists  in  U-Boot  (board  names
etc.  in  Makefile, README, MAKEALL, ...) are SORTED. I will reject a
patch that breaks this (read: please fix your code).

Also, I will insist in properly formatted source code. See the  Linux
"CodingStyle" for details.

> Could someone give me a tip pointer where to look for a solution? I have 
> a feeling it has something to do with the u-boot.lds file but I don't 
> know what.

Of course the linker script must match your flash layout.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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