[U-Boot-Users] Re: [uClinux-dev] [Announcement] U-Boot for Motorola M5272C3 and M5282EVB

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat Nov 29 00:27:50 CET 2003

Dear Bernhard,

in message <3FC7B02C.6070007 at metrowerks.com> you wrote:
> I have attached the main patch plus two additional patches. Please
> note that you can't use the 5282 stuff at the moment, because there
> may be some licensing issues: the initialisation "templates" have been
> downloaded from the offical Motorola website and slightly adopted
> in order to be usable as u-boot pre-loader. The files didn't came
> along with a copyright notice, so i thought it's probably ok
> to use them "as is", but it seems that there may be some common
> "Motorola software license agreement" that excludes the code to
> be used in GPL environemt - means: no u-boot for 5282 for now, sorry!
> You may use it anyhow, but then you need do it on your own legal
> risk! M5272C3 is ok concerning licensing/copyrights.

As discussed before, this means I will not be able to merge your work
into the public U-Boot source tree. This is a pity because  (1)  this
stuff  is  interesting for a couple of people and (2) this means that
the patches will be obsolete soon as the U-Boot sources change.

> BTW: Richard, Wolfgang doesn't like the dual-stage boot variant
> i have introduced for the Coldfire (with compressed u-boot in flash).
> This scheme was adopted for the AT91RM9200, btw., but in this case,
> the pre-bootloader is not included in the u-boot tarball (or CVS tree).
> We could apply the same method for Coldfire as well, means the
> pre-bootloader needs to be downloaded and compiled seperatly. This would

As discussed before, such a design  is  really  breaking  very  basic
design  principles  of  U-Boot.  If  not  dictated  by  some (stupid)
hardware it is not acceptable to me.

> also sort out the potential licensing issue for the 5282 decribed
> above, as well, since the pre-bootloader is actually not linked with
> u-boot: the pre-bootloader and the compressed u-boot are just
> concaternated into the same file (and could be flashed seperatly).

Will anybody implement such a cleanup? Bernhard? Richard?

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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