[U-Boot-Users] LCD Display Driver

Doris Bella dorisbellaj at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 1 13:40:04 CEST 2003

160 x 160 LCD interfaces through the LCD controller 
pins of the PXA255 processor. But this LCD has no 
built-in LCD controller. pxafb.c (from pxa 
patch)operates the LCD controller of the PXAxxx 
processor. The LCD controller interfaces directly to 
a variety of LCD panels that contain only panel
drivers, not controllers. So I can change pxafb.h to
support 160x160 LCD. 
128 x 64 LCD interfaces through the GPIO pins. But 
this 128x64 LCD has built-in LCD controller(ks0108 or 
compatible). The ks0108 is a controller for small 
monochrome graphics displays. So, I need a display 
driver for Linux. Where can I get the display 
driver?. Please give me a suggestion. 

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