[U-Boot-Users] Can ethernet be disabled?

Anders Larsen alarsen at rea.de
Mon Oct 6 09:02:05 CEST 2003

David Miles <dave at minervatech.net> schreibt:
>I'm porting u-boot to a custom PXA255 board.  At present there is no
>interface so I'm only interested in loading data over a serial port.  Can
>disable network support pre-compilation to cut down the size of u-boot?
>ie. Is there an equivalent of 
>" #define CONFIG_LCD              0 "
>to disable network support.?  
>So far builds fail unless I define at least one network controller.

Could you please be more specific?

- which version of u-boot?
- in what way does your build fail?

I've just been through the process of porting u-boot to a freshly
developed PXA255-base board, and even though I didn't define any network
controller I did't experience any such weird dependency problem.

Perhaps what you're seeing is a side-effect of some configuration error?


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