[U-Boot-Users] [Q]How to reduce the size of u-boot image ? ? ?

장형욱 jazz0719 at dreamwiz.com
Tue Oct 7 10:32:21 CEST 2003

I'm trying to modify u-boot image for IBM Walnut ref. board 
to use in the other system(ppc405 core)

but the system has only bootrom of size 128KB, while walnut
has 512KB.

the modification i have tried until now is as follows...

 - modified TEXT_BASE in board/walnut405/config.mk
u-boot.bin is configured as
0000'0000 ~ 0002'B68B    : u-boot source data
0002'B68C ~ 0007'FFFB    : empty space (filled with FF)
0007'FFFC ~ 0007'FFFF    : reset vector

walnut Flash memory map :  FFF8'0000 ~ FFFF'FFFF (512KB)
porting system bootrom memory map : FFFE'0000 ~ FFFF'FFFF(128KB)

the size of empty space = max 0x0005'4971 possible to reduce, so

change in board/walnut405/config.mk, 
TEXT_BASE = 0xFFF8'0000 + 0x0005'4971 = 0xFFFD'4971

the result size of u-boot.bin = 173KB or so ... need to be reduced more.

- disable DBGFLAGS = -g, in u-boot_root/config.mk

what other methods can you suggest to minimize the size of u-boot
without hanging in u-boot operation ?? 

Waiting for your response... thank you.

- hwjang.

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