[U-Boot-Users] Ramdisk for MPC8xx

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Oct 10 12:25:31 CEST 2003

Dear Raghu,

in message <20031010031718.18835.qmail at web40412.mail.yahoo.com> you wrote:
> I am porting linux-2.4.22 to MPC852T based board. I
> have an issue with the Ramdisk. I have a total of 64MB
> SDRAM, and I am creating a ramdisk of 32MB. The
> compressed Ramdisk file is of 3.4MB size. Look like
> when I do the "bootm" command the Ramdisk is
> corrupting some important u-boot data. I have the
> console dump below. 

Check CFG_BOOTMAPSZ and the "initrd_high" environment  variable.  You
may even try and use "initrd_high=0xFFFFFFFF".

Note that this might require cooperation by  the  Linux  kernel  (for
example  so  that it does not attempt to free pages which are in fact
in flash memory). In our versions  of  the  Linux  kernel  tree  this
should be working fine.

See the README.

> Is there a minimal Ramdisk that I can directly use ??

Sure. Our SELF based images can be found at 

Best regards,

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