[U-Boot-Users] problems about flash setting

wang cheng wangcheng at rails.com.cn
Fri Oct 17 10:33:29 CEST 2003

dear all!
sorry ,but i really don't understand.
1.What's the meaning of flash memory banks,is the number of flash 
chips? ie:if i have 2 chips of 29f040s on my board,then the 
CFG_MAX_FLASH_BANKS should be 2,right? 
2.What's the meaning of FLASH_BASE0_PRELIM  and FLASH_BASE1_PRELIM, 
Is the  FLASH_BASE0_PRELIM should be set to the flash_base_addr that 
defined by cs0? Then what about flash_base1_prelim? 
3.What's the difference between br/or_prelim  and br/or_remap and their 
respective function ??Is the br/or_remap must be set  or optional 
depended on my board?
Thanks very much for any help!

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