[U-Boot-Users] PXA & PCMCIA

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Oct 20 20:38:05 CEST 2003

Dear Leon,

in message <Pine.CYG.4.55.0310201733160.1640 at sniper.ultra.si> you wrote:
> Since I'm very new to U-boot and before I start poking around, I would like to
> know if putting pcmcia related functions in boards/wepep250/pcmcia.c for
> WEP EP250 board is OK or are there any other recommended locations ?

If this was board dependend code,  it  would  be  ok  to  put  it  in
boards/wepep250/ - but my feeling is that there will be a lot of more
general  code, too, which will be used by other, similar boards, too.
Don't put such stuff into a board directory, please.

> The current U-Boot PCMCIA code I examined has been mostly put into
> common/cmd_pcmcia.c and drivers/XXXXXXXX.c, which I personaly find confusing.

What's wrong with that? 

> My suggestion is that we could have drivers/pcmcia/ for card services and

Card services? I don't think we will ever support hot plug in U-Boot.

> board/xxxxx/pcmcia.c for board dependent low level functions.

If it's strictly board dependend functions, then  OK.  [It  would  be
probably  also  a  good  idea  to  get  rid  of some of the #ifdef'ed
sections in common/cmd_pcmcia.c and put them into board  directories,
too.]  But please make sure that this is really code that will NOT be
duplicated by other, similar boards.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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