[U-Boot-Users] Successful Port to PrPMC800

Mark.Lightfoot at sita.aero Mark.Lightfoot at sita.aero
Tue Oct 21 16:42:27 CEST 2003


I've successfully ported U-Boot to the Motorola PrPMC800.  Support for
FLASH, PCI, IDE and networking have bee successfully enabled.  It has been
in use now for several weeks in a stable form.  I do have one lingering
problem of not being able to turn on the L1 and L2 data caches.  Doing so
apparently causes the system to hang.  Unfortunately I don't have a BDI2000
setup for this board to better debug the problem.  I used just a good ol'
console and plenty of printf statements to do the port.

I can't give a specific time for when I will have the port submitted for a
future release of U-Boot.  But I will do it.  I'd like to fix my cache
problem first and I have to finish the rest of the project for which U-Boot
is just one part.  And that may be awhile.


The following is a capture of the boot diagnostics:

U-Boot 0.4.0 (Oct 16 2003 - 12:18:24) Motorola PrPMC800

CPU:   MPC7410 v17.4 @ 450 MHz
Board: Model #:    PrPMC800-1269       Assembly #: 01-W3649F36H
       Serial #:   7045304             Flash:      32   Mibytes
       L2 Cache:   2    Mibytes        CPU Type:   7410
       Harrier ASIC Revision 2
Boot:  Warm boot from XPort FLASH/ROM bus 0.
DRAM:  Detected one bank of ECC SDRAM; 256 MB
FLASH: Two Intel 28F128J3A (128 Mbit); 32 MB
PCI:   Master, 32 bit @ 33 MHz
       Cfg. Addr:   FE000CF8
       Cfg. Data:   FE000CFC
       Mem. Region: 80000000 - 9FFFFFFF ( 80000000 - 9FFFFFFF )
       IO Region:   FE000000 - FEEFFFFF ( 00000000 - 00EFFFFF )
       Host Region: 00000000 - 0FFFFFFF ( 00000000 - 0FFFFFFF )
       Configuring PIIX4 PCI/IDE controller.
Cache: L1 icache:   32K, enabled
       L1 dcache:   32K, disabled
       L2 cache:  2048K, disabled
Net:   ID: i82559#0        MAC: 00:01:AF:0B:81:78
IDE:   Bus 0: OK
       Device 0: Model: TOSHIBA MK2018GAS Firm: Q2.03 E Ser#: 43O62898T
                 Type: Hard Disk
                 Capacity: 19077.1 MB = 18.6 GB (39070080 x 512)
MemMap:Start      End      Size   Type
       00000000 - 0FFFFFFF  256 M SDRAM
       80000000 - 9FFFFFFF  512 M PCI Memory
       F0000000 - F1FFFFFF   32 M FLASH
       FE000000 - FEEFFFFF   15 M PCI IO
       FEFF0000 - FEFF0FFF    4 k Harrier Registers
       FFF00000 - FFFFFFFF    1 M Boot ROM
RTC:   2003/10/21 15:41:09

Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
U-Boot =>

Mark Lightfoot - Software Designer - SITA
777 Walker's Line, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7N 2G1
mark.lightfoot at sita.aero

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My name is Mark Lightfoot and I'm a software engineer with SITA INC.  I'm
investing the possibility of porting U-Boot to the Motorola PrPMC800 and
possibly the Force Computer PowerPMC-260.

As anyone already done the port to these boards?

See URL:
And URL:

The goal is to boot Linux from and IDE drive which the boot firmware of
these boards do not support.  I don't have the Motorola hardware yet (
delivery is six to eight weeks! ) but it is the intended hardware for the
project I'm working on.  I do have the Force Computer hardware right now.
So, I may proceeded to port U-Boot to it first and do my the remainder of
the Linux development work with it in the mean time.


Mark Lightfoot - Software Designer - SITA
777 Walker's Line, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7N 2G1
mark.lightfoot at sita.aero

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