R: [U-Boot-Users] U-boot automatic selection of redundant ethern et interfaces?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Oct 29 09:55:16 CET 2003

Dear Enzo,

in message <002d01c39dee$f30fc4a0$4a50848a at settimo.italtel.it> you wrote:
> > It works as you suggested, ping doesn't use redundant
> > interfaces but tftp
> > certainly does, initially it times out the first time it
> > tries a transfer
> > (which initially threw me!) but the second time it works
> > nicely. Exactly
> > what I was looking for,

> I had the same problem in our propritary board based on MPC8260.

Ummm... exactly which  problem  are  you  talking  about?  What  Mark
Doherty  described  so  far  is  IMO  not  a  problem, but intenional

> I modified the fcc driver files for use the fcc like external driver with
> new define and work fine (also with tftp).
> If it's what you need, see attached file.

Argh... I'm sorry, but this code is useless. If you want to submit  a
patch, please do it as described in the README file.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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