R: R: [U-Boot-Users] U-boot automatic selection of redundant ethern et interfaces?

Figini Enzo enzo.figini at italtel.it
Wed Oct 29 11:51:58 CET 2003

> Dear Enzo,
> in message
> <002d01c39dee$f30fc4a0$4a50848a at settimo.italtel.it> you wrote:
> >
> > > It works as you suggested, ping doesn't use redundant
> > > interfaces but tftp
> > > certainly does, initially it times out the first time it
> > > tries a transfer
> > > (which initially threw me!) but the second time it works
> > > nicely. Exactly
> > > what I was looking for,
> > I had the same problem in our propritary board based on MPC8260.
> Ummm... exactly which  problem  are  you  talking  about?  What  Mark
> Doherty  described  so  far  is  IMO  not  a  problem, but intenional
> behaviour.
> > I modified the fcc driver files for use the fcc like
> external driver with
> > new define and work fine (also with tftp).
> > If it's what you need, see attached file.
> Argh... I'm sorry, but this code is useless. If you want to submit  a
> patch, please do it as described in the README file.

I know that this is not a patch; the code is local to my board directory and
doesn't substitute the original code of fcc driver.
It's only for suggest the possible solution.
The modify regard only the possibility to use more than one eth interface at
the same time;
looking the u-boot code this solution was already possible for external
device using CONFIG_NET_MULTI.
I have only modified the code for support more than one fcc (using variable
instead define) and adding some function needed in my board.
Do you think that someone need this version of driver ??
In this case I'll modify it for general using and I'll submit to you like a



> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk
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