[U-Boot-Users] Conditional 'hush' script examples anyone?

Robin Gilks robin.gilks at tait.co.nz
Sun Sep 14 23:41:01 CEST 2003

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Thanks in advance, but please send a patch against a  RECENT  version
> of  U-Boot. 0.4.0 is very old. A patch against 0.4.0 may be difficult
> to merge.

According to sourceforge, 0.4.0 is the latest stable release and less 
than 3 months old. Not ancient (compared to say the kernel update cycle) 
but the only thing that many people would consider using rather than an 
unstable* version from CVS - assuming of course they can get anything 
from sf CVS!!

Perhaps its time for another stable release that is easier to 
patch/merge against if nothing else :-))

* a matter of definition - but if its not stable it _must_ necessarily 
be unstable :-((

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