[U-Boot-Users] Re: Patch s3c2410 nand-boot.

Matt Matoushek mmatoushek at invocon.com
Mon Sep 22 15:22:19 CEST 2003

Wolfgang wrote:

>> In my opinion, such a "primary  boot  loader"  should  be  completely
>> independend  of U-Boot, i. e. you shouldbe able to use it to load any
>> other boot loader as well, and the U-Boot  code  itself  should  only
>> need minimal adjustment.

Samsung has such a solution (ADAM) available from the s3c2410 page.  The
direct link is below. (sorry about any line wrapping)


I now have a question for the U-boot team.  I have been unsuccessful in
compiling the U-boot code for the smdk2410 with the nand command
enabled.  I am successful in compiling, writing U-boot to NOR flash and
loading and running linux via tftp and bootm.  

My attempts at getting nand support have included the following:

-  Simply un-commenting CFG_CMD_NAND in include/configs/smdk2410.h.
This resulted in compile error -- CFG_MAX_NAND_DEVICE,
NAND_ChipID_UNKNOWN, etc.. all undeclared

-  Copy and Paste code from the VCMA9 board, and config in order to
alleviate compile errors.  I won't claim to know why what I was copying
was working, only that I was able to compile with nand support and get a
print out of the nand size, etc. from the nand command.

For the question.  Is U-boot presently able to take an image from NAND
flash and load it into RAM?  What is the status of this functionality on
the SMDK2410 evaluation board?  What am I missing?

Oh, and thanks for a fun tool!

Matt Matoushek

Invocon, Inc.
mmatoushek at invocon.com

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