[U-Boot-Users] LCD Driver

Doris Bella dorisbellaj at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 24 05:15:54 CEST 2003

I am searching the driver for the LCD module MTB-046
in Linux. It is 128x64 graphics display LCD. The
processor it supports is PXA255(ARM). 


MTB                  : Board assembly and custom
LCD Type             : STN Yellow Green
Rear Polarizer       : Transflective
Backlight Type       : LED, External Power, 5V input
Backlight Color      : Yellow Green
Temperature Range    : Wide
EL Driver IC         : Not Buildin
Touch Screen         : Without 

Module Size      - 74.6(W) x 52.7(H) x 9.0(D)Max
Dot Size         - 0.40(W)mm x 0.40(H)mm
Dot Pitch        - 0.43(W)mm x 0.43(H)mm
Resolution       - 128(W) x 64(H) Dots Matrix
Duty Ratio       - 1/64 Duty
LCD Display Mode - STN(Yellow mode)
Viewing Direction- 6 o' clock
Backlight        - LED
Controller       - KS0108 or compatible
EL Driver        - Without
DC/DC Converter  - Optional
   Is there a LCD driver available for the above LCD
module (MTB-046)?. The interface is through the GPIO
pins provided in the PXA255 processor?. 	

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