[U-Boot-Users] I2C Problem (EP862)

Jeff Stevens jsteve17 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 24 21:34:16 CEST 2003

I am having problems with my i2c devices on my EP862
under Linux.  Under U-Boot I can read from the Xicor
EEPROM, and LM75 temp. sensor fine.  However, when I
boot into ELDK linux with i2c and lm75 support built
into the kernel it hangs when lm75.o is loaded.  I
have also ran the kernel with only i2c support built
in, and it only shows one device.  When I try to read
that device with i2cdetect I just get the address back
as the data (i.e. 00: 00, 01:01, ... ,f0: f0, etc.). 
Has anyone else had a problem with I2C support with
ELDK, or can anyone give me any pointers on how to get
this working?

Thanks in advance,
- Jeff Stevens

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