[U-Boot-Users] mtest

himbA goavr at email.si
Fri Apr 2 09:33:37 CEST 2004


While experiencing some trouble with u-boot port 
to my custom PXA255 board I decided to run some 
memory tests. I used mtest in u-boot and got the 
following results:
=> mtest
Pattern 00000000  Writing... 
Mem error @ 0xA3EDBAEC: found A3EDBB0C, expected 

Mem error @ 0xA3EDBAF0: found A3EDBAFC, expected 

Mem error @ 0xA3EDBAF4: found A3F1227C, expected 

Mem error @ 0xA3EDBC50: found A3EDBC48, expected 

Mem error @ 0xA3EDBC54: found 00F76F14, expected 
Pattern FFFFFFFF  Writing... 
													^^^^^^ HANG!
Memory test finds some errors during write/read 
0x00000000 pattern and it hangs before it can read 
back 0xFFFFFFFF. I suppose this is not the 
expected board behaviour.

Has anybody any idea what is going on ?
Is this a config error ? (I should probably check 
the setting in configs/board.h)

regards, himba

..because under Linux "if something is possible in 
then it is already implemented or somebody is 
working on it".

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