[U-Boot-Users] mtest

himbA goavr at email.si
Mon Apr 5 08:57:59 CEST 2004

VanBaren, Gerald (AGRE) wrote:

> Dear LKI:
> Your initial message said the error messages were:
>   Mem error @ 0xA3EDBAEC: found A3EDBB0C, expected 00F76EBB
>   Mem error @ 0xA3EDBAF0: found A3EDBAFC, expected 00F76EBC
>   Mem error @ 0xA3EDBAF4: found A3F1227C, expected 00F76EBD
> Note that the "found" data consists mostly of the address.  This makes me think (not being familiar with the PXA255) that your processor has a multiplexed address & data bus and the memory (either itself or the data line buffers if you are using buffers) are not being enabled properly on the read cycle -- either late or not at all.  The result is that the address goes out on the bus and is still hanging around on the bus when the data gets latched in the processor.  The proper operation of the memory/buffers would be to drive the memory data onto the bus before the data is latched by the processor.

I guess that were values on stack that I ran over 
with mtest - containing address pointers.

I resolved the problem by setting the right 
MEMTEST_END value (below u-boot stacK/data  )

> gvb
regards, himba

..because under Linux "if something is possible in 
then it is already implemented or somebody is 
working on it".

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