[U-Boot-Users] Need help booting linux on IBM 405EP eval board

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Apr 6 00:21:55 CEST 2004

In message <13615528.1081174833@[]> you wrote:
> In fact, there are messages there which probably point to the root cause. 
> I've got a lot of messages like this, I'll just type in the first couple:
> ack overflow in process c0162030, r1=c0162450
> <2>Kernel stack overlow in process c0162030, r1=c01622b0
> <4>Data machine check in kernel mode
> and lots more stuff like that but I presume the first messages are earliest 
> and are the root cause.

Actually these are not the first messages; the  ring  buffer  wrapped
around. Try resetting the board faster, and/or increasing the log_buf
size in your kernel configuration.

> Without fully understanding this, this sounds like my stack isn't getting 
> set up correctly. Is that U-Boot's responsibility? Any pointers as to where 
> I'd start looking at that?

Linux  will  set  up  it's  own  stack;  assuming  you  pass  correct
parameters  to  Linux  (correct  memory start address and size) it is
most likely that your RAM is not working correctly.

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