[U-Boot-Users] How AM29DL640 and Am29DL642G differ ?

Prabhakar Kalasani kalasani at sena.com
Wed Apr 7 11:23:59 CEST 2004

Hi all ,
I have a driver flash.c for customized board , which is for AM29DL640 but
it's also working with Am29DL642G .
How these two differ , How the bootloader can differentiate these two chips
I need to find the size of the chip as I have to support two chips with the
same driver with different number of banks.
so I need to get the chip details , where can I read these details like chip
size .

As I find the size is defined in source in static ulong flash_get_size
(vu_long *addr, flash_info_t *info) 

		case AMD_ID_DL640: 
			DbgPrint(("flash_get_size:	AMD_ID_DL640\n"));
			info->flash_id += FLASH_AMDL640;
			info->sector_count = 142;
			info->size = 0x00800000;	// 8 MB

Can I read the flash size from the chip ?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,
Prabhakar Kalasani

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