[U-Boot-Users] Re: IBM 440GX eval name

Travis Sawyer tsawyer+u-boot at sandburst.com
Wed Apr 7 20:42:19 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 14:17, Jarrett Redd wrote:
> --- Travis Sawyer <tsawyer+u-boot at sandburst.com>
> wrote:
> > I don't have another DIMM handy, so I couldn't
> > test that.
> Ok, just out of curiousity, I found another DIMM to
> try and test, but with 2 it hangs at the "DRAM:  "
> message.
Is your dimm PC3200 DDR?  Speeds match the current dimm?
(It does have a spd eeprom right?)

> An interesting thing to note here is, the 'ethaddr'
> value was automatically set somehow (is there auto
> detection support here?)
Hard coded in the config.  Uses MY mac addresses.

>   So anyway I just entered the ones on the
> stickers.
u-boot has the mac addresses for my board in the config file...
README.ocotea says (I think) change it for your own board.

> > group supported is group 4, so ensure you have the
> > jumpers set that way. (J79, J80, J29, J31, J76,
> > J81) are all 1-8 and 3-6.
> >
> Yes, I checked and they are correct.  Still no joy. 
> Other ideas?  The network comes up just fine under
> PIBS with the same settings.  Also, is loopback
> supported?  I cannot ping loopback or the board's own
> ip address either.  In addition, every time I try to
> ping, it always waits for auto negotiation.  That
> doesn't seem normal.

Normal (autonegotiation that is).  U-boot only init's the net devices
when it needs them.

You won't be able to ping loopback or yourself, as u-boot is single
threaded, only initiates net traffic, and listens for replies.

> Another thing I noticed that doesn't seem normal is
> that the board seems to hang on the 'reset' command or
> after using the reset button on the board.
Ensure your switch settings are the following:
U80: 2,3, & 6 on, all others off.

> Incidentally, just for fun, I tried burning the image
> into the 4MB alternate flash and booting from that. 
> It works just fine, other than flash detection getting
> a bit confused.  :-)
The fpga handling code could use some sprucing up...

If there are any more questions we should probably take this offline.


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