[U-Boot-Users] tftpboot of multi image

Bob White bwhite at perigee.com
Thu Apr 8 16:16:29 CEST 2004

You were right, it was overwriting.  It worked at a higher address.  I 
was using address 0x00100000 which is what appears in most of the 

Thank you.

> In message <4074433C.13855.BF94F6B at localhost> you wrote:
> > Are there instructions out there for using tftpboot to download an 
> > image with an initrd automatically boot the image?  I haven't come 
> > across anything.
> That's because it's just trivial:
> 	=> tftp 400000 /tftpboot/uImage.multi ; bootm
> > I am trying it with a simple tftpboot command (no options) and it 
> > appears as though the ramdisk is not loading to a good address because 
> > the system lock up after uncompressing the initrd at 0x91544054 (not a 
> > valid address in my system.)
> OIt would have been really, really useful  if  you  had  bothered  to
> provide  some  more  details,  like  the  exact output of the failing
> command. SO I can just guess that your load address is too  low,  and
> you  are  overwriting  parts  of the image when the Linux kernel gets
> uncompressed.
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