[U-Boot-Users] SCC Ethernet and "Linux crashes by early packets" ???

Steven Scholz steven.scholz at imc-berlin.de
Thu Apr 8 17:57:21 CEST 2004

Hi there,

the CHANGELOG contains the lines

* Make sure SCC Ethernet is always stopped by the time we boot Linux
   to avoid Linux crashes by early packets coming in.

in "Changes for U-Boot 1.0.2".

My two question:

1.) How can I find out which changes in the CVS do excactly this?
2.) Do we need the same with 8xx FEC Ethernet?

I am asking because I am expierencing sporadic crashes when booting linux 
from U-Boot 1.0.0. But only when I init the ethernet (e.g. by doing "dhcp" 
or "tftp") before booting...

Steven Scholz

imc Measurement & Control               imc Meßsysteme GmbH
Voltastr. 5                             Voltastr. 5
13355 Berlin                            13355 Berlin
Germany                                 Deutschland

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