[U-Boot-Users] MIPS, little endian, supported cross tool versions?

Masami Komiya mkomiya at sonare.it
Fri Apr 9 06:22:43 CEST 2004

Hi Jörg,

I'm using U-BOOT on MIPS little-endian machines (R5000 and R4000)!!

U-BOOT's environment does not support mips little-endian,
but it is easy to change for little-endian.

Please look my small patch attached.

Also I recommend MIPS SDE as the toolchains introduced at following URL.


Masami Komiya

Jörg Albert wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to port U-Boot 1.0.0 to a new board containing a
> MIPS 5Kf core. After adjusting the compiler flags / linker scripts
> for little-endian, I run into these errors, compiling a RAM based version
> first:
> mipsel-uclibc-gcc -Wa,-gstabs -D__ASSEMBLY__ -g  -Os   -D__KERNEL__
> -DTEXT_BASE=0x80100000 -I/opt/work/fw/bootloader/u-boot-1.0.0.work/include
> -fno-builtin -ffreestanding -nostdinc -isystem
> /opt/toolchains/toolchain_mipsel/lib/gcc-lib/mipsel-linux/3.3.1/include
> -pipe  -DCONFIG_MIPS -D__MIPS__ -mips2 -EL -mabicalls -c -o start.o
> /opt/work/fw/bootloader/u-boot-1.0.0.work/cpu/mips/start.S
> mipsel-uclibc-gcc: unrecognized option `-EL'
> /opt/work/fw/bootloader/u-boot-1.0.0.work/cpu/mips/start.S: Assembler
> messages:
> /opt/work/fw/bootloader/u-boot-1.0.0.work/cpu/mips/start.S:242: Error:
> Cannot branch to undefined symbol.
> /opt/work/fw/bootloader/u-boot-1.0.0.work/cpu/mips/start.S:247: Error:
> Cannot branch to undefined symbol.
> /opt/work/fw/bootloader/u-boot-1.0.0.work/cpu/mips/start.S:259: Error:
> Cannot branch to undefined symbol.
> cross gcc version is 3.3.1, gas " 20030722".
> I couldn't find any hints on recommended tools for the MIPS port of U-Boot
> in the docs.
> Is my setup doomed to fail or may I get a working bootloader with some
> reasonable effort?
> (I may stick to my old bootloader as well)
> TIA.
> /Jörg

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