[U-Boot-Users] TFTP boot in u-boot

Kruthi kruthi_77 at coolgoose.com
Fri Apr 9 13:51:00 CEST 2004

I am trying to do some porting for the blackfin bf533 processor. Currently i am 
working with tftp boot. I am able to transfer a file from the host to the target. Now i 
need to boot the linux image on the target. I am just taking the bf533 2.4 kernel 
available in the blackfin site and i want to boot this via tftp.  
i just say tftpboot 1000 linux.dxe. 
(Actually an elf header gets added to the contents of around 94 bytes. So i even 
tried loading the linux.dxe to (1000 - 94), i have compared the objdump with the 
VDSP contents. Its just 1to1. 
when i say go 1000, it simply hangs. When i try to stop VDSP and load the PC 
with 1000 and say go also it hangs. Do i need to do something else? 
I also tried by creating uImage as mentioned under README. Is it really required? 
Pls let me know how can i boot this linux image from my bootloader? 

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