[U-Boot-Users] TFTP boot in u-boot

ganapathi ganapathi at isofttech.com
Fri Apr 9 13:28:14 CEST 2004

Your way of loading is wrong.

You have to follow the below procedure
1. download the elf image into memory some where, say example
    tftpboot 0x800000 linux.dxe
    (consider the memory space availability and use the address according to

2. use the "bootelf" command to load the ELF image.
    bootelf 0x800000

Ganapathi C

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Subject: [U-Boot-Users] TFTP boot in u-boot

> Hi,
> I am trying to do some porting for the blackfin bf533 processor. Currently
i am
> working with tftp boot. I am able to transfer a file from the host to the
target. Now i
> need to boot the linux image on the target. I am just taking the bf533 2.4
> available in the blackfin site and i want to boot this via tftp.
> i just say tftpboot 1000 linux.dxe.
> (Actually an elf header gets added to the contents of around 94 bytes. So
i even
> tried loading the linux.dxe to (1000 - 94), i have compared the objdump
with the
> VDSP contents. Its just 1to1.
> when i say go 1000, it simply hangs. When i try to stop VDSP and load the
> with 1000 and say go also it hangs. Do i need to do something else?
> I also tried by creating uImage as mentioned under README. Is it really
> Pls let me know how can i boot this linux image from my bootloader?
> regards
> kruthi
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