[U-Boot-Users] 440GX PHY/MII access

Carl Riechers criechers at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 13 15:46:41 CEST 2004

If you are using address zero for the PHY you will
have problems.  The 440GX seems to use this address
for diagnostics.  I could not find any documentation
on this.  I have a simular configuration with only
eth2 and eth3.  If you are using the Marvel PHYs, make
sure you hardware reset them per the specification
otherwise the soft reset will not work correctly.

The author of the code was most likely using a
different brand of PHY and needed to reset the PHY to
have access to certain registers.  The code
reconfigures the selected MAC to interface with the
serial bus to the PHYs.  Each MAC has a MII serial bus
master, but only one can drive the MII serial
interface to the PHYs though the bridge.


--- "Kerl, John" <John.Kerl at Avnet.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am wondering if anyone can illuminate the
> following code snippet,
> from ppc_440x_eth_init() in cpu/ppc4xx/440gx_enet.c:
> 	out32 (ZMII_SSR, ZMII_SSR_SP <<
> ZMII_SSR_V(devnum));
> 	__asm__ volatile ("eieio");
> 	/* reset emac so we have access to the phy */
> 	out32 (EMAC_M0 + hw_p->hw_addr, EMAC_M0_SRST);
> 	__asm__ volatile ("eieio");
> 	failsafe = 1000;
> 	while ((in32 (EMAC_M0 + hw_p->hw_addr) &
> (EMAC_M0_SRST)) && failsafe) {
> 		udelay (1000);
> 		failsafe--;
> 	}
> 	in32(EMAC_M0 + hw_p->hw_addr), EMAC_M0 +
> hw_p->hw_addr);
> In particular I don't understand the comment "reset
> emac so we have
> access to the phy".  In fact, print statements
> before and after
> the MAC reset indicate that we *can* read PHY
> registers before
> the MAC reset, but we *lose* the ability to read PHY
> registers
> after the MAC reset.  Note that this does not happen
> on all
> three boards, and not all the time.  Also this loss
> of PHY-register
> access after MAC reset is more likely to happen if
> the Ethernet cable
> is connected.
> Now, there are a couple oddities: (1) these are
> brand-new boards,
> still being debugged and flywired; (2) we are using
> EMACs 2 & 3 over
> RGMII, but we have EMACs 0 & 1 not connected to
> anything (unlike
> the Ocotea board).
> In particular, I don't doubt that the above code is
> correct; certainly
> the finger of doubt points in the direction of our
> new board.  Still,
> though, I don't yet understand why the MAC reset
> would cause PHY
> access to go away.  The scope reveals that after the
> MAC reset, the
> MDIO line is no longer being driven.
> Does this ring any bells for anyone?
> Thanks.
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