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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Apr 30 17:39:54 CEST 2004

In message <20040430150734.GB2216 at mars.ravnborg.org> you wrote:
> In the Linux kernel today we lack a good way to select individual boards,
> the only mechanishm is the _defconfig hack where a default config
> file is selected, scrapping all options previously used.

But this is an  excellent  way  to  get  a  known  to  work  standard
coinfiguration  for a certain board. If you modify it, you can always
save your customized config file to any place you likeand resume from
there by simply "cp <some_file> .config ; make oldconfig".

What exactly is the problem you are complaining about?

> For U-boot I think it would be relevant to start out with
> a konw good config for one board, shift to another baord, and continue
> from there. Knowing that this would anyway invalidate 1/3 of the options.
> With respect to selecting architecture it must be pretty genial,
> otherwise the current scheme is preferable.

For me, the following topics are important:

* clearness and readability of the resulting  code  /  config  files;
  this  includes  having  all  relevant  information  for  one  board
  concentrated in very few well known files.
* effort needed to add a  port  to  a  new  architecture,  processor,
  and/or board
* continued reliable support of all existing boards
* build speed (I have to routinely run MAKEALL for _all_ boards,  and
  this takes much too much time already)

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