[U-Boot-Users] New NAND code

Stefan Roese stefan.roese at esd-electronics.com
Mon Aug 2 10:17:21 CEST 2004


> > I was just wondering about state of the NAND code. When I remember
> > correctly a pretty big rewrite was done but not commited yet. Is the
> > last patch sent to this list from Pantelis Antoniou on 5th 
> May still the
> > latest version?
> Did anybody actually test this rewrite extensively? I don't  remember
> any feedback?

I just searched the archieve:
Dave Ellis gave a feedback (3rd May) for an earlier version of the
rewritten code. And Wolfgang Denk mentioned on 7th June that the code
doesn't compile (for the PPChameleon Board).

Right now the patch from 5th May doesn't even apply to the current CVS.

Pantelis or Dave, could you give us any info about the status of the
code? Are you still using your patch? Is there a newer version that
applies to the current CVS? I am willing to do some testing...

Best regards,

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