[U-Boot-Users] CVS tree broken for MPC8245-based boards

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Aug 3 00:04:45 CEST 2004

In message <200407212305.i6LN5DRs042238 at ns5.arlut.utexas.edu> you wrote:
> It appears that only the first part of Marc Leeman's patch submitted on 11
> May, 2004 (subject: [patch] master read fix mpc8245) was applied, resulting
> in the current CVS tree being broken for MPC8245-based boards.  The portion
> of the patch that was applied requires a new register address to be defined
> in include/mpc8245.h, which was done in the second part of the patch.  Gleb
> Natapov also raised this issue on 12 July, 2004, but received no reply from
> the list.  I don't mean to sound redundant, but is the second part of the
> patch going to be applied soon? 

Just for the record: done.

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