[U-Boot-Users] Having trouble programming u-boot to MPC8560ADS board

Abhijeet Bisain abisain at qualcomm.com
Wed Aug 4 19:22:18 CEST 2004

At 09:45 AM 8/4/2004, Jon Loeliger wrote:
>On Tue, 2004-08-03 at 19:19, Abhijeet Bisain wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >       I hope this is the right forum to ask this question. I recently 
> received
> > the rev A board from Motorola with u-boot and Linux on it
>Can you tell us what versions of U-Boot and Linux?

U-boot 1.0.1 and Linux 2.4.25

> >  and everything is
> > nice. But I need to run Montavista linux on it,
>Was the Linux on it MontaVista already?

No, it was from Metrowerks and was burnt onto the flash. U-boot was 
programmed to load it from flash and was passing the console=ttyS0,115200 
to the kernel

> >  so I configure u-boot to
> > BOOTP and tftp a kernel from them.
>What version was this image?

This is Linux kernel 2.4.20

> >  This works partially fine, I can telnet
> > into the machine but there is no console on serial.
>No Linux console?  Did you pass in a console= command line option?

yes, a dmesg on Linux confirms this option too.

> >  So I was asked to put a
> > u-boot binary from Montavista  onto the board.
>Again, which version?

This is 1.1.0 as i see from hexedit.

> >       I am using BDI2000 to program the flash but am running into 
> difficulty.
> > The config file I have is from Abatron and I haven't modified any Jumpers
> > or switches on the board. When I program the flash with u-boot, BDI 
> says it
> > was successful, but the data read from the flash is incorrect. The data 
> has
> > the first, third, and the eighth bits of a 32 bit word high all the time.
> > So a 0x00000000 is seen as 0xa1000000 and a 0x12345678 as 0xb3345678.
>Ewww.  This sounds like broken hardware to me.

That's what I was afraid of :).


> >       I am attaching the BDI config file below. any help on this will 
> be greatly
> > appreciated.
>That all looks fine to me.  Minor differences compared to the (older)
>version I am using.  For example, I use L2SRAM rather than dual port RAM
>for the flash programming set up.  Both should work, though.
>; Setup flash programming workspace in L2SRAM
>WM32    0x40020000      0x68010000      ;L2CTL
>WM32    0x40020100      0xf0000000      ;L2SRBAR0
>WM32    0x40020000      0xA8010000      ;L2CTL
>WSPR    63              0xf0000000      ;IVPR to workspace
>WSPR    415             0x0001500       ;IVOR15 : Debug exception
>WM32    0xf0001500      0x48000000      ;write valid instruction
> > Thanks,
> > Abhijeet
> >
>I'm voting for a hardware problem to be fixed first, though. :-)

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