[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] Cleanup cpu/arm920t

Steven Scholz steven.scholz at imc-berlin.de
Mon Aug 9 08:49:28 CEST 2004

Dear Wolfgang,

>>Since the cpu/ directory gets clobbered with peripheral driver code I started
>>cleaning up cpu/arm920t.
> Thanks for the effort, but I disagree with some parts of the patch.
>>   - rename cpu/arm920t/usb_ohci.c to drivers/s3c24x0_usb_ohci.c
> I disagree with  this.  drivers/  is  for  device  drivers  that  are
> _common_  among  architectures.  It makes absolutely no sense to mode
> processor  specific  code  like  the  s3c24x0  USB  drivers  to  this
> directory.
Accepted. I found some processor  specific driver code in drivers/ (like
s3c24x0_i2c.c  s3c4510b_eth.c  s3c4510b_eth.h  s3c4510b_uart.c 
s3c4510b_uart.h) so I thought it becomes "common practice" to put peripheral 
driver code for uart or ethernet (although it might be processor specific) 
into drivers/.

>>   - remove cpu/arm920t/usb_ohci.h (duplicate code)
> Duplicate to what?

Duplicate to cpu/mpc5xxx/usb_ohci.h.

>>   - rename cpu/mpc5xxx/usb_ohci.h to drivers/usb_ohci.h so everybody can use
>>     it (maybe we can merge cpu/arm920t/usb_ohci.c and cpu/mpc5xxx/usb_ohci.c
>>     someday)
> Be careful. Do you really think this is a good  idea?  The  52xx  USB
> code  suffers from the endinaess problem of the 52xx. I'm not sure if
> this is a good base for common code.

The only difference I found is

+#if defined(CONFIG_MPC5200)
+       __u16   pad1;                   /* set to 0 on each frame_no change */
+       __u16   frame_no;               /* current frame number */
         __u16   frame_no;               /* current frame number */
         __u16   pad1;                   /* set to 0 on each frame_no change */


Steven Scholz

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