[U-Boot-Users] Problem building U-boot for RpxLite with Mpc823e

Ccool ccool at ninjatech.biz
Sat Aug 14 03:05:25 CEST 2004

Hi guys,

I'm new to the list, but I though it would be a good place to find out some 

I'm looking for some "recent" documentation for U-boot for the rpxlite 
project.  I've been trying to understand the doc, but the readme is based on 
the old project (ppcboot-0.8.1) and the date is 29-01-2001.   I'm working 
with a crosscompiler and I'm not able to compile an executable binary.  (The 
cross-compiler is the cross-tools from timesys, I also tried powerpc-eabi 
(p.o.m.p. tools suit) and it did'nt work either.)

I know the crosscompiler works, because I've compiled busybox and a kernel and 
they both work great.  Now my goal is to stop using the nfsmount (timesys 
default) and boot from the flash (probably with an initrd image).

If anyone has some doc or a link to it, a few hints would be greatly 

PS:  sorry for my bad english, it's not my first/main language.


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