[U-Boot-Users] Help--750FX,Cannot handle DEC or External Interrupt exception.U-Boot-1.1.1, ELDK3.0,RedHat

haigao g_hai at huawei.com
Fri Aug 27 09:16:10 CEST 2004

> My target platform is with 750FX and MPC107, 256M ram, a NS16c552 serial and also a Intel 82559 compatiable ethernet controller.

>Which board configuration is this, and which version of U-Boot?

U-Boot 1.1.1  ELDK3.0  RedHat9.0,
I made our board's configuration file by copying and modifying the BAB7xx.h.

> [And another question in anticipation of  your  reply  (a  new  board
> configuration being ported by you based on an old version of U-Boot):
> are you absolutely sure that your SDRAM init code is correct?]

Yes, I am sure my SDRAM init code is correct, because I had Vxworks running on many pieces of boards for many days
Also, I've coded a program to test SDRAM detailly, but on Vxworks.

I have tested my situation for already many times. And found:
1) Sometimes, even program exception handling cannot work when I use "go 0x8000(or 0x9000, or 0x123456, or any other place"(Of course I examined the data there).
2)Sometimes, even I set IP bit in MSR register, exception handling also cannot work.
3)My hundreds of trying seemed ruleless.

I guess,  the cause maybe the cache or exception handling mechanism ?
And  can you tell me is there a successful case that U-Boot on 750FX or 750 can handle the exceptions normally?
Thanks a lot for your reply.

Best regards,

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