[U-Boot-Users] Clarification regarding the Internal Flash Identification Code.

Vikrant_Basotra Vikrant_Basotra at Satyam.com
Wed Dec 1 08:22:44 CET 2004

Hi All
	In the file "include/flash.h" some # defines are there e.g for
Intel StrataFlash 28F320J5 three Macros (hash define values) are there:

#define INTEL_MANUFACT	0x00890089	/*INTEL manuf. ID in D23..D16,
D7..D0 */
#define INTEL_ID_28F320J5   0x00140014	/* 32M = 128K x 32	*/
#define FLASH_28F320J5	0x0085   /* Intel 28F320J5 (  4M = 128K x 32 )	*/

Since I am using Intel StrataFlash 28F256J3, I have to define the three
required macros accordingly:

#define INTEL_MANUFACT	0x00890089	/*INTEL Manufacturer. ID */
#define INTEL_ID_28F256J3   0x001D001D /*Device ID*/

#define FLASH_28F256J3            /*Internal Flash Identification Code*/

I got the Device Id value from the Intel Site but I didn't found any thing
like Internal Flash Identification Code. Is this value is to be supplied by
the vendor if not then what value should I have to assign to the Macro

Best Regards,
Vikrant Basotra

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