[U-Boot-Users] Clarification regarding the Internal Flash Ide ntification Code.

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Dec 2 11:53:52 CET 2004


in message <3D9FDCA910DD4445896A0BE5ECF009D401D17734 at bla.satyam.com> you wrote:
> 	Following is the query which I had posted on the u boot mailing
> list.
> ============================================================================
...[full quote deleted]...
> ============================================================================
> And yours reply was:
> ============================================================================
...[full quote deleted]...
> ============================================================================

Argh... can you please use standard quoting rules as  recommended  by
the Netiquette? 

And please keep the u-boot-users list on Cc: so others can benefit, too.


> Actually I am using two kinds of flash memory Chips on my board one is the
> boot flash and the other one is the Extra Flash (Intel strataflash). For the
> boot flash I have given the Internal Flash Identification Code correctly.
> Since the Extra flash is not a boot flash(It's a uniform sector flash) then
> what value is to be given to the Internal Identification code for this flash
> ( #define FLASH_28F256J3           /*Internal Flash Identification Code*/).

I wrote:

> Just chose the next unused entry, but keep in mind that odd numbers
> are used only for "bottom boot sector" types!

You say it is not a boot sector type. To me it seems logical that the
logical connclusion is then "Just chose the next even number that  is
not used yet."

Is this difficult to figure out?

Best regards,

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