[U-Boot-Users] byte-order in the u-boot .c files

Peter Asemann peter.asemann at web.de
Thu Dec 2 13:59:40 CET 2004

Ehm... okay, I was going to write an sdram- 
initialization-/refresh-/access- code following the wise and detailed 
instructions in chapter 15.9 of my fine MPC886 family reference manual.

I also took a look to uboot/board/NAME/NAME.c files to see how others 
initialize their SDRAM and program it.

Now the problem is that I'm not sure if the bit order of the 
documentation and the bit-order of the hex-values in the C-Code are 
corresponding. So I'm neither capable of looking what the others did in 
their code nor of generating hexadecimal representations of my bitstrings.

It seems like not to know this is incredibly stupid as I couldn't find 
anything about byte order in the README or the u-boot manual.

Anyway, if anyone could please tell me something about the byte-order of 
the u-boot code and how it relates to MPC-manual-byte-order, I'd be very 

Peter Asemann

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