[U-Boot-Users] Choosing flash and ram for embedded mpc5200 and loading flash

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Dec 2 22:42:41 CET 2004

In message <1102010876.9375.45.camel at Polar64> you wrote:
> 1.  I am designing in a MPC-5200 loosely based on the MPC-5200 LITE.
> 2.  I plan to keep the ethernet the same.
> 3.  I plan to keep the serial console the same.
> 4.  I would like to use 2 : K4H511638B-TC  Samsung  32Mx16 DDR memory 
> 	Any comments?  Am I asking for trouble?

You may see  some  50%+  better  perfromance  than  on  the  standard
Lite5200.  You may want to have a look at the icecube_5200_DDR_config
settings in the U-Boot tree.

> 5.  I would like to use Toshiba 16Mx8 NOR flash TC58FVM6T2ATG-65.  It
> uses common flash interface.  
> 	Any comments?  I am choosing this over the AMD flash in the reference
> design based on availability.  

No problems.

> Finally, I have a MPC-823 set up as a JAM player over JTAG for use with
> Altera parts.  Is there any way to move the u-boot image to a JAM file
> which could then be loaded via the MPC-5200?  I am trying not to have to
> purchase the BDI-2000.  I suspect that I could also use my FPGA (I will

Reconsider. This is the  only  item  in  your  plan  where  I  really
recommend to reconsider.

> have an Altera cyclone device connected on the local bus) as a flash
> programmer by porting the programming algorithm from the NIOS reference
> board, and having pins connected to the necessary Flash pins.

You _can_ do many things, if you have enough time and nerves. You can
re-invent gthe wheel again and again and again, or  you  can  nail  a
piano  to your kneecap. Some people actually like doing these things.
I rather get a project done as smoothly and reliable as possible.

> On a scale of 1 - 10 how useful is the BDI-2000  10 being no one will be
> able to help me at all without it.  For reference, I am one of those
> people who never use a debugger.

If you never use a debugger that you will not use the BDI either,  so
it's 0 for you. For me, ist's something between 10 and 20.

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