[U-Boot-Users] IDE access swaps the bytes.

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Dec 2 22:49:03 CET 2004

In message <OF3F292F76.1C02E690-ON88256F5E.006658A6-88256F5E.006658AA at Cyclades.com> you wrote:
> I am using the u-boot with a MPC855T based board, and
> I am trying to boot from a compact flash by using the diskboot command.

I'm sorry, but my crystal ball is in dire need of an ectoplasmic  up-
grade  - in it's current state I am unable to see how your CF card is
attached to the system - is it  through  the  PCMCIA  controller,  or
directly on the bus, or what?

> After debugging the code, I found out that the u-boot does
> not detect a DOS partition in the compact flash because
> the bytes are swapped when data is read from the IDE.

This is something that is specific to your hardware, then.  It  works
fine on the systems we have here.

> As the processor is big-endian, I supposed the u-boot
> would automatically fix this swapping problem, though I
> could not understand how. The IDE interface is set in

By use of appropriate access macros?

> set a "define" to fix this swapping problem, or if I should
> change the code (cmd_ide.c, I guess) using #ifdef <my platform>.

Don't change the code as long as you don't  understand  what's  going
on.  As mentioned before: the current code is working fine on several
systems with both big- and little-endian architectures.

> Could anyone please explain this to me?

Without studying the schematics of your board? That's not  exactly  a
one-banana problem...

Best regards,

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