[U-Boot-Users] Re: SCSI support for MIB405 board

Denis Peter d.peter at mpl.ch
Fri Dec 3 08:52:25 CET 2004

Dear Wolfgang,

the MIP405 has no SCSI chip on board, and the SCSI Support isn't enabled 
for this board. SCSI support has been added to the PIP405 board, which is 
more or less a dead project. The state of this project is the reason, why 
the U-Boot has not been tested on the PIP405 some time ago.
The code for the SCSI has been added before the introduction of the macros 
"U_BOOT_CMD", and it seems that these macros are missing for do_scsi() and 
I can add these macros, test it on the PIP405 and send you a patch, but it 
may took some time.

With best regards,


At 00:50 03.12.2004, you wrote:
>Dear Denis,
>can you tell me something about  the  SCSI  support  in  the  current
>versions of U-Boot? It seems the MIB405 board (maintained by you) has
>SCSI  support  enabled, but the whole code in common/cmd_scsi.c seemd
>to be unused - for example,  there  is  no  caller  of  do_scsi()  or
>do_scsiboot() anywhere in the whole source tree?
>Best regards,
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