[U-Boot-Users] Re: help porting u-boot for customized ixdp425 board

Ara Avanesyan araav at hylink.am
Fri Dec 3 10:06:21 CET 2004


  thanks for clarifcations.

>> as in my board's booting flash is different from the original ixdp and i 
>> do
>> not keep anything in this flash do i (ok, u-boot) need to recognize it at
>> all? why?
> Yes.. So that U-Boot can be updated. And that  U-Boot  can  save  the
> environment variables.

I'll keep env variables in the second flash. But i forgot about the update 
issue. Are there any other reasons except the update/env?

>> as my second flash (OS, fs etc) is DOC, what shell I add/modify/remove to
>> make u-boot to understand this guy? and...
> Configure it to use DoC.
Ummm... Thanks... Any examples/howtos? :-)


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