[U-Boot-Users] Choosing flash and ram for embedded mpc5200 and loading flash

VanBaren, Gerald (AGRE) Gerald.VanBaren at smiths-aerospace.com
Fri Dec 3 14:24:12 CET 2004

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> > Finally, I have a MPC-823 set up as a JAM player over JTAG for use
> > with Altera parts.  Is there any way to move the u-boot
> image to a JAM
> > file which could then be loaded via the MPC-5200?  I am
> trying not to
> > have to purchase the BDI-2000.  I suspect that I could also use my
> > FPGA (I will
> Reconsider. This is the  only  item  in  your  plan  where  I
>  really recommend to reconsider.
> > have an Altera cyclone device connected on the local bus)
> as a flash
> > programmer by porting the programming algorithm from the NIOS
> > reference board, and having pins connected to the necessary
> Flash pins.
> You _can_ do many things, if you have enough time and nerves.
> You can re-invent gthe wheel again and again and again, or 
> you  can  nail  a piano  to your kneecap. Some people
> actually like doing these things.
> I rather get a project done as smoothly and reliable as possible.
> > On a scale of 1 - 10 how useful is the BDI-2000  10 being
> no one will
> > be able to help me at all without it.  For reference, I am one of
> > those people who never use a debugger.
> If you never use a debugger that you will not use the BDI
> either,  so it's 0 for you. For me, ist's something between 10 and 20.
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk

I very, very rarely use the BDI for debugging, but I _LOVE_ it for
programming flash.  I would rank it as a 8 on your scale.  Unless you
are a unpaid software slave (been there, done that :-), the time you
spend making a "JAM file" (whatever that is) and programming the flash
parts by hand (writing a custom program to drive the "JAM player") will
easily pay for the BDI2000.

In addition, the BDI2000 is insurance: if you ever need it just once to
single step one line of code, you will have it and be able to do that.
That one step of one line of code can easily save you from becoming a
stark raving lunatic (been there, my wife says I'm still there ;-).

The "JAM Player" has not come up on this list before, so chances are you
will be even lonelier than the VisionICE people :-/.  It appears to be a
Windows-only solution.  Two strikes against JAM: you likely won't get
any help at all.


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