[U-Boot-Users] porting u-boot for new board

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Dec 5 10:59:47 CET 2004


in message <41B2C08F.70308 at GameBox.net> you wrote:
> I want to port u-boot on our company new board.
> I request you to find me a closer matching board,

You should ne aware that all replies you may get can only be as  good
as the information you provide.

> My board's specs are :

These are not "specs". This is a useless summary.

> CPU is MPC 8260

==> So you can use any 8260 baed board. Just search the Makefile  for

> 4MB Flash   at cs0
> 128MB SDRAM at cs1
> 512K DPRAM  at cs2
> 512  NVRAM  at cs3

You don't bother to mention anything about chip types, bus width,  or
any  other relevant parameters. All boards have flash and RAM, so you
can use any one as model.

> ARINC 429   at cs4

That's a databus protocol, not any type of chip.

> DDC 1553    at cs5

As far as I know, DDC  is  a  mnaufacturer  and  "1553"  is  probably
MIL-STD-1553; there are several chips around to support this.

> uart        at smc1

Standard for 8260.

> No PCI Bus.

Of course not, as there is no PCI controller on the 8260.

> I request your help in proving  some pointers for  porting u-boot  for
> this type of board.

Such  help  is  impossible,  as  your  did  not  provide  any  useful

Best regards,

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