[U-Boot-Users] u-boot for pxa255

Simon Sudler Simon.Sudler at gmx.net
Mon Dec 6 17:27:45 CET 2004

Sharad P. Katti wrote:
> Hi,
> Since I dont have the BDI connection interface,

mmh, than booting a linux will be a little difficult... but it should be 

> I cannot debug the kernel, the board is of XSCALE arch,
> and has 32MB RAM, and i've given TEXT_BASE as 0xA07E0000,
> which is inside the 32MB, and I have put the kernel as uncompressed,
> and the XIP patch is already applied for that.(I'm using MVLinux 2.4.20)
> I have given the entry point to the kernel as 0x00021000, 
> and the load address is 0x00020000, and then wrote the resulting
> img to the flash,
> options to the mkimage that i have given are,
> #mkimage -n "newImg" -A arm -O linux -T kernel\
> -C none -e 0x00021000 -a 0x00020000 -d zImage zImage.bin
> once I boot from the target, i'm able to see the mesgs that display
> the header contents, and it shows the entry point address also.
> Since as I mentioned, i dont have the option to connect the BDI,
> to my target board, how can i go about this.

You need to find the source code where the line "Starting Kernel" is 
printed and then add some debug code for yourself. try to find out where 
the kernel is working.
Have you tried the uImage createt with "make uImage" ?


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