[U-Boot-Users] Can't detect CFI flash in kernel

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Dec 7 08:58:53 CET 2004

In message <BAY13-DAV16FBC98B5E51CF7ECD4B38A6B50 at phx.gbl> you wrote:
> When I boot the kernel on my ppc850 board, there are something abnormal
> printed from console:
> > CFI: Found no TQM8xxL Bank 0 device at location zero
>                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > TQM8xxL: No supported flash chips found!
> by kernel. The flash model is INTEL28F320S3 and it supports CFI command. I
> Did I config something wrong?

Yes, you did. You made several errors.

First, this has nothing to do with U-Boot, so  your  posting  is  off
topic on this list.

Second, you use a TQM8xxL configuration on a non-TQM8xxL board  which
is an invitation for trouble.

Finally, your MTD configuration is inappropriate / incomplete.

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Wolfgang Denk

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