[U-Boot-Users] Questions about the U-Boot README, esp. CFG_IMMR

Peter Asemann peter.asemann at web.de
Wed Dec 8 12:58:00 CET 2004

I got another question

About CFG_IMMR the README says: DO NOT CHANGE! (MPC8xx systems only)

This confuses me. As the IMMR is a SPR (special purpose register) in the 
MPC8xx, assigning it an address seems to make no sense.

Nevertheless CFG_IMMR is used everywhere in the U-Boot code, so there 
must be a preset for it, which I can't find in the source. Also, almost 
any config in include/configs sets this to 0xFF000000.
So what is it good for and what should I choose?

Peter Asemann

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