[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] BUGFIX: serial setting for kgdb

HoJin jhfami at yahoo.co.kr
Sat Dec 11 03:38:36 CET 2004


 KGDB_SMC_INDEX must be used as the index for brg_map, but it is used
direclty. (compared with function serial_init)
So it does not work properly. I have tested it and it works fine.

I noticed the same problem with 'serial_scc.c', but I could not test it yet.

Patch for only for 'serial_smc.c' is attached.

Index: cpu/mpc8260/serial_smc.c
--- cpu/mpc8260/serial_smc.c    (revision 65)
+++ cpu/mpc8260/serial_smc.c    (working copy)
@@ -360,10 +360,10 @@
        /* Set up the baud rate generator.
 #if defined(CONFIG_KGDB_USE_EXTC)
-       m8260_cpm_extcbrg(KGDB_SMC_INDEX, speed,
+       m8260_cpm_extcbrg(brg_map[KGDB_SMC_INDEX], speed,
-       m8260_cpm_setbrg(KGDB_SMC_INDEX, speed);
+       m8260_cpm_setbrg(brg_map[KGDB_SMC_INDEX], speed);

        /* Make the first buffer the only buffer.


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