[U-Boot-Users] u-boot PCMCIA Support w/ PXA-255??

Craig A. Vanderborgh craigv at voxware.com
Tue Dec 14 08:41:03 CET 2004

Hello All:

I have managed to get u-boot running on my PXA255/SA1111-based board.  
Our board seems to be pretty close to the Intel "Lubbock" reference 
design, so I was able to get a slightly modified Lubbock u-boot 
configuration to work on this board.

Now, what I REALLY need is to get PCMCIA working w/u-boot and this 
board.  Specifically, I need to be able to use dhcp/tftp from u-boot to 
download images to configure the board in the field.  Initially, I need 
ne2000 support, but later on I'll have to have 802.11b card support.

It appears that I need some sample source that illustrates how to bring 
up PCMCIA on the PXA255/SA1111.  I have not been able to find a good 
example of this so far, and I am hoping (praying??) that someone out in 
u-boot-land or DENX-land has already done some work to get
PCMCIA working in u-boot.  I have the Linux PCMCIA sources (for 
PXA/SA1111) and I *might* be able to adapt them, but they aren't working 
yet and it seems like working on the simpler case (u-boot standalone 
PCMCIA) might be a better place to get a foothold.

ANY ideas you may have or pointers to other documentation would be 
appreciated.  I am struggling because PCMCIA support seems to be pretty 
thin in the various bootloaders - u-boot included.

Thanks in advance,
craig vanderborgh
voxware incorporated

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